Welcome to EZ Taskers

Welcome to EZ Taskers

Any help at your fingertips
EZTaskers is an online marketplace that matches Taskers that provide odd-jobs with local consumers. Tasks can include anything from home cleaning, gardening, and deliveries, to furniture assembly, plumbing, event decorating and office help. There’s a little something for everyone.
We are trying to provide opportunities to thousands of people in Cyprus to earn a living by connecting to other people in their local community.

What We Do

EZ Taskers is here to make your life a whole lot easier and do all the heavy lifting – literally!
From general home cleaning & maintenance to bigger more specialized jobs, we’ve got everything under control, so you can get to other tasks you need done.

Some of our handyman services include:

General Home Cleaning

Are you struggling to keep up with housework because you just don’t have time to clean?

No problem, our cleaners are here to help you!

 General Home Maintenance and Repairs

Have maintenance work, but no time (or skills…) to do them? We’re here to help you with that!

TV Mounting

Craving some binge time, but your TV is lying on the floor? Let our EZ Taskers safely secure your TV on the wall so you can binge away ASAP.

Picture Mounting

Do you have a whole closet FILLED with unhung pictures? Get them on the wall ASAP with levelled and secured mounting services.

General Mounting

Shelves, artwork, and lights…oh my! Our EZ Taskers will sort it out, no problem.

Furniture Assembly

Have a new bookcase or coffee table lying in pieces with no one to bring it to life? Let our EZ Taskers put the pieces together quickly and professionally.

Heavy Lifting

Let our EZ Taskers do the heavy lifting – it’ll cost less than a physio appointment!


Does this pipe connect to that outlet? Don’t turn your bathtub into a toilet. Let the professionals do it!

Air Conditioning Installation

Need air conditioning installed, or removed? Hire the solution stat!


Get a room, wall, or entire house painted in no time!


Let the green fingers help your yard look better than ever – and remove waste or rubbish while they’re at it!


Don’t let electrical circuits tell you how much energy you should have. Let the electrical doctor do the fixing on your behalf.

Light Installation

There’s a big difference between a light bulb moment, and a light bulb shocking moment…rather don’t find out which is which. Let the EZ Taskers flip the switch!


Whether you need something built, or construction done, our EZ Taskers are more than capable and happy to oblige!


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